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Address Validator


  • Avoid mistakes when filling in the address details.
  • Address Validator performs a check on address data and gives a suggestion.


Why Address validator?

Mistakes are made, when customers want to order something quickly. When an input data of a wrong zip code is entered, Address Validator carries a check for the valid data, the customer is then asked to check his address.


This prevents the customer from making mistakes during the ordering process.



Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by e-mail)

Step 2: Select your bundle.

Step 3: Save your configuration. Address Validator takes care of the rest.


Additional information

  • Support for Dutch and other European shipping addresses.
  • To use Address Validator, an additional subscription bundle is required. See below.


Bundle Pricing

TypeAddress ChecksDuration in monthsPrice inclPrice incl per Address CheckPrice exclPrice excl per Address Check
Netherlands500012€ 453,75€ 0,0908€ 375,00€ 0,0750
Netherlands1000012€ 847,00€ 0,0847€ 700,00€ 0,0700
Netherlands2500012€ 1.936,00€ 0,0774€ 1.600,00€ 0,0640
Netherlands5000012€ 3.569,50€ 0,0714€ 2.950,00€ 0,0590
Netherlands10000012€ 6.534,00€ 0,0653€ 5.400,00€ 0,0540
Europe500012€ 665,50€ 0,1331€ 550,00€ 0,1100
Europe1000012€ 1.276,55€ 0,2553€ 1.055,00€ 0,1055
Europe2500012€ 3.067,35€ 0,6135€ 2.535,00€ 0,1014
Europe5000012€ 5.892,70€ 1,1785€ 4.870,00€ 0,0974
Europe10000012€ 11.355,85€ 2,2712€ 9.385,00€ 0,0939


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